​"In any industry, finding a group of dedicated people is always an accomplishment in itself. Library Card Productions gives you exactly that and more. The consistency, attention to detail and relentless work ethic are only a few of the many qualities they bring to the table. I've had the pleasure of working with them on two short films. I can honestly say they enhanced the quality of my work. The passion they exude throughout their projects is motivating and it's all done with a smile." - Aaron Clarke, Director and Producer, Dim The Light Productions​​

"I had the great pleasure of working with Evan and Maya on my short film, Brownies.  
Evan served as my Director of Photography, and was actively engaged in creating and executing our shot plans, moving and solving challenges very efficiently and quickly throughout the shoot day, allowing me to focus on the actors' performances with zero worry about the technical end of things.  He was also free with very useful and creative suggestions through our preproduction process, which helped to tell our story effectively.  
Maya served as my Assistant Director,  keeping the production entirely on schedule, with a gentle but firm approach.  She also took good care to make sure the cast and crew stayed healthy and energized throughout the shoot. She was proactive with solving any challenges that came our way, and was a comforting presence for me during the few inevitable stressful moments.  We completed the shoot without going even one minute beyond schedule! 
Together, they communicate in a way that is clear and effortless. They were hugely instrumental in helping create the crucially safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere I expect for all of the creatives on my sets.  I would work with them both again in heartbeat, and fully intend to have a long artistic relationship with them. They are not only skilled at their crafts, they are a joy to have on set.  I highly recommend them to any filmmaker looking to crew up." - Cary Patrick Martin, Marathon Cinema


"Evan doesn't know how to give up until he solves the problem at hand. His pride in craftsmanship is remarkable, nostalgically refreshing,  and of great benefit to his clients.
Maya's impressive organizational skills are augmented by what must be clairvoyant and empathic superpowers. She will anticipate needs her clients haven't thought of, and she is the calm, sensible oasis during the chaos that develops at any public event."
- Rob Pivarnik, Entertainment Director, TerrifiCon

“Simply put, Maya and Evan are the Dream Team.” – Herb Jordan, The Adage Group

“It’s been my good fortune to work alongside Maya over the past 7 years on several different projects… I’ve seen her attention to detail and grace under pressure first hand, wrangling personnel with a firm but earnestly pleasant skill that is rarely seen in the entertainment industry. She has a keen wit, a delightful sense of form/function. I look forward to our next project, unless some lucky company snags her first.” – Lars Lunde, Lundegaard Productions, New York

“Evan was always a fantastic presence…fully engaged with production, a real stand-out director, and collaborator – with an eye toward ‘getting it done’” – Peter Sprague, Technical Director, Conservatory of Theater Arts, Purchase College - SUNY 

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