"Evan doesn't know how to give up until he solves the problem at hand. His pride in craftsmanship is remarkable, nostalgically refreshing,  and of great benefit to his clients.
Maya's impressive organizational skills are augmented by what must be clairvoyant and empathic superpowers. She will anticipate needs her clients haven't thought of, and she is the calm, sensible oasis during the chaos that develops at any public event." - 
Rob Pivarnik, Entertainment Director, TerrifiCon

“Simply put, Maya and Evan are the Dream Team.” – Herb Jordan, The Adage Group

“It’s been my good fortune to work alongside Maya over the past 7 years on several different projects… I’ve seen her attention to detail and grace under pressure first hand, wrangling personnel with a firm but earnestly pleasant skill that is rarely seen in the entertainment industry. She has a keen wit, a delightful sense of form/function. I look forward to our next project, unless some lucky company snags her first.” – Lars Lunde, Lundegaard Productions, New York

“Evan was always a fantastic presence…fully engaged with production, a real stand-out director, and collaborator – with an eye toward ‘getting it done’” – Peter Sprague, Technical Director, Conservatory of Theater Arts, Purchase College - SUNY

Maya is The Visionary. She has the uncanny ability to see what people want and need and she makes manifest their dreams and goals, often she does this for people who can’t quite express exactly what it is they need – magically she just knows. For years I’ve seen Maya help others (myself included) achieve their creative goals, be it as a producer, writer, stage/project manager or artistic director. Maya can see not only the big picture, but also all of the details needed to take along the way. On top of all of this, she is the smartest person I know: warm, kind, creative and a wickedly talented writer, great actor, and gifted singer. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime.​

About maya

I’m a professional Fairygodmother. I specialize in storytime, dancing in the kitchen, snuggles, teatime, all things sugar and spice and I have a Poppins Certificate and advanced degree in Earth Mother Studies. I am a University Of Michigan Graduate and an alumn of the Interlochen Arts Academy. I was raised on a healthy diet of English literature, Star Trek, Star Wars, PBS, Astronomy and The Classics: music, rock and film. I am also an amateur Herbalist, love to cook, host grassroots fundraisers, volunteer with the elderly, love to travel the world and in space & time. I am a Singer, Actor, Writer, Producer, Artistic and Creative Director/Consultant and have worked in that capacity as well as an Event Planner for several theaters, performance companies, artists, musicians and creative arts organizations for a decade. My poetry was just featured in All Roads Magazine. I am thrilled that after several years of rewarding work as a performer, I've earned my membership to the Actor’s Equity Association. My goal in life is to be "a Light in dark places when all other lights go out." MayaJ.com


This is Maya and Evan and we’re Library Card Productions!

Library Card Productions is a creative partnership that

is the result of an 11-year friendship between us. We met

when we were just wee babes in the woods. Literally. We

were in the woods working with a performance company

just outside of New York City. Nothing forms a quicker

or more lasting bond than reciting Shakespeare, doing

Improv Comedy and singing folk songs while being caked

in equal layers of mud, sweat and tears (of laughter). We have over a decade of experience in media production and the creative arts spanning everything from film, photography, music, theater, festivals, music videos and live events. We worked independently for 9 years and in 2014 decided to combine our experience, skills, resources and interests toward the shared goal that is our motto: “Fostering Community through Storytelling, Creative Geek Media, and Manifesting Dreams." After 2 years of working together we decided to make it official and formed Library Card Productions.

What Evan has to say about maya

What maya has to say about evan

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​About evan

I’m a Mercenary Gun for Hire and just graduated with high honors for my MA in Media Studies at The New School. I am a Rogue, class A, and excel in debaucherous chicanery. I’ve graduated from the School for Scoundrels where I majored in Cookery. I work as an AV Production and Post-Production Specialist, Photographer, Director, Editor and Videographer. You can check out my work here 

SolCardProductions.com, a lot of which was done in conjunction with Maya and can also be found on this site. I volunteer with animals and participate regularly in several podcasts including Whiskey Rebellion, Loaded Dice Cast (both of which Maya participates in as well) and Breadcrumbs Mag. I also serve as an editor, content contributor and designer for the Loaded Dice Network. Last year my experimental short film(done with Maya's help) Canistella was featured at the Nyack International Film Festival. Ideally though, I spend my days "Reminiscin' this­n­thattin' havin such a good time, Oo­de­lally, oo­de­lally, Golly what a day."

Evan is the Architect. If you want your stuff to look and sound good, you call on Evan to make it happen. His outside-the-box thinking, shrewd sense of design, style, and timing combined with his eye and ear for perfection enable him to execute any project to its fullest potential. His colleagues and peers know him to be the guy who gets the job done, and this is a testament not only to his wonderful talent and skills but also to his unwavering work ethic, cooperative spirit and problem solving; all of which I’ve relied on as well. Evan is the smartest person I know (tied with my mom and uncle ☺), he is a production chimera, with accomplished technical skills, innovative ideas, humility and wit. I am lucky to have him as my comrade in arms.

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