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Our mission is to Bring Your Ideas and Projects to Life

and Foster Community through Storytelling 

via creative multi-genre & cross platform media.
We help you tell your story.

What do we mean by all that?

Well, we love storytelling in all forms, be it a visual medium like film, TV, theater or a painting, photography or sculpture; auditory like a song or podcast; literary, or multi-sensory. Storytelling is everywhere.

We are dreamers. Isn’t everybody? We all have dreams. We decided that we wanted to make our own dreams come true, and we realized that in combining our efforts, we could make others' dreams come true as well.

We are eclectic in our interests and abilities and wear many hats. Our skills are honed so that we can have the know-how to apply them to a myriad of endeavors and projects connected to our interests. Our skills compliment each other.

We are a Community.  We know what it is like to be “the other” and thus we strive to connect, include and create. We are all connected, we all have something in common, even if it is just, and perhaps this is the most important, our humanity. One surefire way for us to survive on this planet is to teach, learn and practice empathy and acceptance. A powerful way to do that is through sharing. Communities are created when we share. 

Libraries share all of humanity’s creativity, be it digital, written, scientific, artistic, etc. We like the idea of being a vehicle for that. Also, we made a very profound and important discovery in a bar called The Library, and we love libraries in general, so it is a good and significant fit for us as a name.

We help you tell your story.

Thank You for visiting!

Maya & Evan