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Well, as we all know, not too much has happened for most independent creatives because of Covid. Which is sad and frustrating but it's also ok. A terrible pandemic is ravaging the world, and has forced us to collectively hit the pause button on a lot of things. 

It was and still is important to us to NOT put pressure on ourselves to come out of the pandemic having written the great American novel, composed a new symphony or made an epic film in our living room!

We know that many creatives have used the pandemic as time to do so and we tip our hats to them - Bravo! We have enjoyed seeing the creativity that has come out of the pandemic and it has been a balm to the pain of not only the pandemic but also the high intensity of the much needed social justice movements that have coincided with Covid. 

We personally chose a different route with how to spend our time during the pandemic. Many of us in Western societies, especially in the U.S live in a results-based mindset born out of capitalism and colonizing. So much so that we saw a lot of people saying "If you don't come out of quarantine having learned a new skill, you aren't doing it right." WHAT?!?!

We say no to that.

We chose to survive the pandemic.

And we chose to do so by focusing on our family and friends, and staying safe, and staying home and listening to science. We worked hard to not put pressure on ourselves to "do more" to advance mour creative careers during the pandemic. And now that we are vaccinated and things are opening up, we are making sure that we don't beat ourselves up for not writing and producing the next Hamilton or Citizen Kane while in quarantine :)

It's ok to just exist.

We're still creatives, even if we haven't produced quantifiable results during a pandemic :)

Covid is still happening, variants are on the rise. So all of our future projects at least through Winter or Spring of 2022 involve things that we can do from our home studio, or in small, safe, vaccinated groups in person.

Speaking of which, we have done a few things of that nature during the pandemic and more recently we have been safely getting back into the production groove by doing music video shoots and photo shoots!


- Thanks and Cheers!

​Maya and Evan

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